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My new site is coming soon!

Back in Germany ! A lot of new things are happening.
That’s the reason why I redesign my website now.
I will keep y’all updated. See you , cheers Aliyar

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About Aliyar

Here's a little about
what i´m up to.

Hello peeps, I came back from the US and currently
I play with the Modern Symphony Orchestra of Paris( GOJJJ ).
We were on tour in Japan and came back in October. Then I
play with Ekaruz, which is my new Band and I am also
teaching drums at the modern music school Heidelberg
and Speyer. I will open up my own school soon.
I will keep you guys updated.

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Get in touch.

Phone: +49 (0) 151 155 299 82

Georg-Sachse-Str. 26
Germany, 64372 Ober- Ramstadt